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Reading 2: Resume Protocol

I found this reading quite helpful. I am new to the professional world, and am therefore clueless about what marketable skills current employers are looking for and expecting from their applicants.

I would love to be able to list “i’m super fun, sarcastic and like music” hoping that my employer would be charmed into taking a risk in hiring me on. With this instruction I know that all that really matters are what improvements I have made for my previous organization, anything extra can just slow down and annoy a potential employer.

In the application process, it makes sense to cover all levels of technological intellect, starting with a good old-fashioned printed and tangible resume, then an email with the same information with embedded links to your more advanced and personalized profiles online. It gives an employer the ability to learn as much, or as little as they would like about you before they decide to hire you onto their team.

If they are not interested in the achievements that you listed on your resume, they can discard your fancy resume and move on. If they are seeking a little more information, they have so much that they could investigate to get a proper grasp on personality traits and recreational activities that you may have. It covers all of the personality and “about me” section of the resume. This way the employer can make their own decisions about your ethics and pursuit of recreational activities.


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